Inquisitr 2013/05/16: David Sal Silva Death: Police Chief Asks FBI To Investigate After Footage...

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    Inquisitr (5/16/2013): David Sal Silva Death: Police Chief Asks FBI To Investigate After Footage Of Beating Goes Missing

    After cell phone video of David Sal Silva allegedly being beaten to death by police officers went missing, the Kern County sheriff has asked the FBI for help.

    Witnesses said police officers beat Silva to death with batons last week in an incident that several of them captured on cellphone video. Police in Bakersfield, California, had been called for a report of an intoxicated man, and found the 33-year-old father of for reportedly passed out.
    Witnesses claim that officers struck David Sal Silva on the head with batons several times as he lay on the pavement.

    Police later showed up to the home of two of the witnesses who had taken video. The couple said officers ordered the couple to turn over their cell phones, but the pair refused. Officers remained in their home while waiting for a search warrant, and the male witness finally relented and gave up his phone when he had to leave for work.

    Though two videos were seized, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said only one video was recovered. He then asked the FBI to analyze the cell phones to see if the videos could be recovered.

    “I took the unprecedented step of asking the FBI to conduct a parallel investigation,” Youngblood told The Los Angeles Times. “Our credibility is at stake here.”


    [Unpredecented? Only crooked cops investigate themselves, and that practice is well established in your department. You have no credibility worth mentioning.

    And apparently there is another video that was not surrendered to Kern County's crooked cops to be destroyed:]

    At least one video of the David Sal Silva beating may have been preserved. A woman who lived nearby but slept through the shouting and police sirens later found out about the killing and checked her surveillance video. She found that the camera had been trained right on the spot where the incident took place, capturing the events leading to Silva’s death.

    After hearing about how the other videos had gone missing, the woman did not turn it over to police. Instead she found the brother of David Sal Silva and gave it directly to him. She has remained anonymous, fearing a backlash from police.

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