Man attacked by Kern County Sheriff's Dept.

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    This is a formal complaint letter that was received by Youngblood's office on May 22nd. This is not an exaggeration.

    David Scott Byrket

    DATE 5/17/13

    Donny Youngblood, Sheriff
    Kern County Sheriffs Department
    1350 Norris Rd.
    Bakersfield, CA 93308-2231

    Dear Sheriff Youngblood:

    This is a formal complaint against several unidentified Kern County Sheriff deputies arising from an incident that started April 21, 2013 through April 23rd. I know the name of only one: Coeherty

    I am 52 years of age and have never before been arrested or in jail. At 9:30am, Sunday, April 21, my wife and I were having an argument. My son called 911 concerned and reported he thought I was a danger to myself or others. Within 15 minutes, 3 Kern County Sheriffs arrived at my home. By then I was outdoors 150 feet from my house. Two of the deputies came to me. I was not questioned about what happened to cause the call to go out. I was simply told to stand by as one of these two went to where my son and the third deputy were talking at the front of my house. This deputy, my son later reported, told him that I could not be taken into custody against my will. He came to me and said nothing. He returned to my son and said that I had “sarcastically” told him I would go with the deputies. I never said I was consenting to going anywhere and did not speak sarcastically to any deputy.

    It should be noted that I have had local deputies at my home over violations of a restraining order I have against a neighbor and because of that deputies believe me to be a nuisance. This prior relationship colored the way they began to treat me from the outset. My son was told I was being taken to Mary Kay Shell, which I have since learned is a Bakersfield facility for the treatment and diagnosis of the mentally ill.

    My son explained to the deputy that I am disabled and have osteoporosis (brittle bone disease). I was told to get on the ground, placed in handcuffs, and put into the back of a sheriff’s vehicle. This was witnessed by my son and neighbor. I was not injured and cooperated when I went into the vehicle.

    I was not personally told where I was being taken, but a convoy of 3 patrol vehicles headed away from my neighborhood. I was in the back seat of the first one. As we were traveling down highway 178, the deputy driving the car I was in, began to weave from side to side as if to signal the two other cars behind to pull over. We came to a stop by Red's Marina. The deputies, all of them, opened both back doors and for no reason, other than being mean and vicious, began hitting me with hard objects and were kicking me. A head blow caused me to pass out. My next memory was lying across the back seat of the patrol car with my legs tied up feeling intense pains all over my body. I felt my wrists were bleeding. I learned much later that my daughter in law happened to have driven by three patrol vehicle in the area of Red’s Marina and saw that I was laid out on the ground. I have no recall of being pulled out of the back seat or of being on the pavement. When I woke up, we were in the Kern Canyon.

    We soon arrived in Bakersfield and pulled into an underground parking structure. The deputies pulled me out of the back seat from my upper body, grabbed the chains on my arm and leg restraints and lifted me upside down, kicking me in the head as they carried me, feet in the air and head towards the ground. They tore off my clothes and threw me into a basement cell by myself. My clothes were thrown into a pile outside the cell. Nobody told me where I was or why I was there and none of these deputies responded to my pleas for help. For the next 24-36 hours, two to three new deputies would enter my cell periodically and maliciously choke, hit, and threaten to kill me. I feared for my life and their violence against me left my DNA everywhere in that cell as evidence for your consideration. I was not permitted to communicate with anyone on the outside although I wanted desperately to phone my wife and family to tell them what was being done to me. I had done absolutely nothing to justify the brutal beating I was given by any of these men.

    Sometime between April 22-23, I was told to put on my clothes and moved upstairs. My torn and bloodied clothing was taken from me and put into jail garb to be fingerprinted and photographed. Someone took a DNA swab. The booking official did not say what the booking was for or inform me of any charges. I was transported to a court where I waited out the day only to be told that I would not be appearing in front of a judge. I was returned to the jail where I was finally told I was going to be released. They did not have any of my own clothes or my shoes so I was given someone else’s clothes instead. Somebody gave me a paper that said I was actually not arrested which was clearly not true. My wife and sons met me at the jail. I heard from them that their attempt to find out where I was and what became of me resulted in the discovery on the Sheriff’s website that I was supposedly being held in custody for three misdemeanors and two felonies. I committed no crimes at all.

    After leaving the jail, my family took me immediately to and emergency room at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield as I was in a great deal of pain. There I was X-rayed and the doctor said I have at least five broken ribs, possibly more. I went to my own physician and had an entire body bone scan MRI. He confirmed I have six broken ribs, as well as two fractures in my lower back.

    What these deputies did to me is a crime, or perhaps several. I am still suffering the effects of the beatings to which they subjected me and I am reasonably certain but for my letter, neither you nor anyone else would know what actually happened to me.

    My request is to have my incident properly investigated and to identify each of the offending deputies to be criminally prosecuted. If you wish to speak to me or any of my witnesses, or want access to my medical records, please contact me at your convenience.


    David Byrket

    Copies to: Los Angeles Times
    Kern Valley Sun
    United States Attorney, Los Angeles
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Angeles
    Kern County District Attorney
    Bakersfield Californian
    KERO 23
    KGET 17
    29 Eyewitness News
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    I wish this account surprised me. It doesn't.

    Donny Youngblood is unlikely to responsive to your letter. He is, after all, the leader of the biggest gang in Kern County.

    What you need is a civil litigation attorney who specializes in police abuse & misconduct cases. I'd suggest you start by contacting the two that are involved in the David Sal Silva case:
    I would strongly suggest that you not discuss it with news media until you've consulted an attorney. If the facts are as you described, you're looking at a major case, and you don't want to jeopardize that.
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    All of these incidents make us sick. We appreciate your concern, sir. We have a consulting attorney, (name removed at poster's request). We have not heard anything back from the sheriff's "investigation" and are, quite frankly, afraid for our lives. The more people know about this incident, the safer we will feel.

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