Bakersfield Californian 2013/05/09: Witness says he was arrested for speaking up about use of force by ...

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    Witness tampering ...

    Article includes video.

    Bakersfield Now (5/9/2013): Witness says he was arrested for speaking up about use of force by deputies

    Less than 24 hours after speaking to Eyewitness News about what he witnessed Tuesday night, Jason Land found himself in jail. Now, he says he's fearing for his life ... After speaking up, he said he felt like he was being followed by deputies. He said he became paranoid, so he ran to a friend's house, who drove him to the hospital. While at the hospital, Land was arrested for being under the influence of PCP. He said he was arrested because he spoke up.

    "If I wouldn't have said nothing, I wouldn't have been in cuffs," he said. "But since I said something, I'm in cuffs." The 31-year-old Land is on felony probation for domestic violence. But, he insisted he was not under the influence of any drugs at the time of his arrest. Land was released from jail Thursday, but he thinks he'll be targeted. "I'm hiding," he said. "That's what I'm going to do. They got the wrong guy in cuffs."
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    The article is still on the NY Times 5/15/13 but I first saw it on the internet, either Yahoo or AOL (so many articles pop up) but the ones online were removed a day later - media censorship...ironic that 5/15 flags were at half staff to honor law enforcement . One might wonder how much the flag means. More information came out on the video from what appeared to be an attorney's office with the family present ... Thank you for bringing justice and transparency to this horrific incident.

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