Op-Nat Eye 2013/05/12: Kern County Deputy Ryan Greer, Involved In David Sal Silva Beating Death...

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    Op-Nat Eye (5/12/2013): Kern County Deputy Ryan Greer, Involved In David Sal Silva Beating Death, Has Killed Before

    We received a tweet late last night with a report about California police beating a man to death as he begged for his life. We thought the tweet was in reference to Mr. Kelly Thomas, the man Fullerton cops Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli et al. beat to death as he begged for his life on July 5, 2011. But instead the horrifying incident replayed itself early last Wednesday morning just 140 miles north of where Mr. Thomas was murdered.

    It all started when Kern Medical Center security called police around 11:55 pm Tuesday night to report an alleged intoxicated person outside the hospital near the corner of Palm Drive and Flower Street in Bakersfield. What happened next can only be describe as a savage terrorist attack perpetrated by people many Americans still believe “protect and serve” the public. One cop showed up and from all witness accounts, immediately released a dog on Mr. David Sal Silva, 33, who police say “resisted.” A gang of nine cops – seven Kern County deputies and two California Highway Patrol – would swarm Mr. Silva, again by all accounts, within minutes of him trying to fight off a dog the first cop unleashed on him. For the next eight minutes, Mr. Silva endured numerous violent blows with batons to his head and body. Witnesses said they could not only hear the graphic sounds of each blow, but also heard Mr. Silva begging the cops to stop. An aloof Kern County spokesperson told local media that Mr. Silva “had trouble breathing” after the savage beating and said the cops called him an ambulance after the murder. He was pronounced dead at 12:44 a.m. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said, with a straight face, “an objective investigation is needed” to determine how Mr. Silva died.

    Here is one of the 911 calls. The total disconnect and indifferent demeanor of the operators is what stands out the most.


    The two California Highway Patrol assailants’ names are being withheld, but the seven Kern County cops involved are Ryan Greer, Douglas Sword, Tanner Miller, Jeffrey Kelly, Luis Almanza, Brian Brock and David Stephens.

    Greer was one of the four Kern County cops involved in the December 18, 2010 death of Mr. Jose Lucero, who was mentally ill. Greer and the other cops tasered Mr. Lucero 29 times in six minutes, and for good measure, pepper-sprayed him. This was all done right in front of Mr. Lucero’s parents. The incident ended up costing Kern County $4.5 million, the judgment rewarded to the family in November as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit. We are continuing to conduct further public and otherwise records searches to determine if any of the other assailants have prior criminal records as well.

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