Salon 2013/05/16: California police accused of erasing video of lethal beating

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    It's what happens when crooked cops are allowed to investigate themselves ...

    Salon (5/16/2013): California police accused of erasing video of lethal beating

    As noted here earlier this week, witnesses to a brutal police beating that left California father of four David Sal Silva dead claimed that Kern County officers confiscated bystander video evidence. Attorneys representing the Silva family expressed concern that police may tamper with video evidence. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported, that “two witnesses who saw Kern County sheriff’s deputies beat David Silva before he died accused authorities of erasing one of the cellphone videos that captured the incident.” One of two cell phones seized by authorities at the scene now has now footage on it ... Kern County Sheriff Danny Youngblood said Tuesday he has asked the FBI to conduct its own investigation after learning that one of two phones seized from witnesses had no footage on it.

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