Los Angeles Times 2013/05/16: Kern beating victim's brother: 'This has got to stop'

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    L.A. Times (5/16/2013): Kern beating victim's brother: 'This has got to stop'

    About a dozen people gathered in front of the Kern County Superior Court building Thursday morning to protest the death of David Sal Silva, the man who died less than hour after he was beaten by Kern County sheriff's deputies last week.

    Chris Silva said he should be home with his family -- his brother's funeral is later in the day. But he felt he needed to be at the vigil. His biggest fear, he said, is that justice would not be served.


    David Silva's death is the latest high-profile accusation of brutality against the Kern County sheriff's office in recent years.

    One resulted in the criminal convictions of three deputies and a $6-million civil judgment in the 2005 death of a jail inmate, according to attorneys. A second ended with a $4.5-million court award for the family of a man who died in 2010 after being struck 33 times with batons and shocked with a Taser 29 times, attorneys said.

    One woman at Thursday's protest said it was her son's father, James Moore, who was killed in the 2005 incident.

    "James should have been the end of it. It brought a lot of things to light," Alicia Moore said. "He should have been the last."

    "They beat him for nothing," she continued. "Now they've done it to somebody else. But maybe this time there's hope. This time, there's video -- hopefully."

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