Bakersfield Californian 2013/05/16: Lost trust in law enforcement drives protest against brutality

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    Bakersfield Californian (5/16/2013): Lost trust in law enforcement drives protest against brutality

    About two dozen protesters stood in front of Kern County Superior Court next to the Liberty Bell Thursday morning to make a statement about police brutality.

    Witnesses to the alleged beating of David Sal Silva by local sheriff's deputies and other community members held signs reading "protection of our rights" and "stop police brutality" and cheered when drivers honked at the group.

    "I didn't know the family, but I am here because it's quite obvious what happened that night and when the sheriff's department took those phones, that did it for me," Larcenia Taylor, 59, said as she held a sign that read "K.C. Sheriff's Dept. B.P.D. and C.H.P. Your Fired."

    "To me this is the saddest month for Kern County because it seems like we can't even trust the police department and that isn't a good sign."

    Many protesters also wore Vendetta masks concealing their identities. Vendetta is the protagonist of the comic book series "V for Vendetta," who is a mysterious anarchist, vigilante and freedom fighter.


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