Bakersfield Californian 2013/05/18: Kern's image may be taking a hit

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    Bakersfield Californian (5/18 2013): Kern's image may be taking a hit

    The death of a man in custody following a prolonged struggle with Kern County Sheriff's deputies and CHP officers and the subsequent fracas over confiscated witness cellphones have gained international attention and raised concerns here that the incidents could tarnish the county's emerging reputation as a desirable place to live, visit and do business.

    [And trust me, it isn't going away. This web site is already on the first page of Google hits for a number of related searches and names, and I've barely just begun. Anyone who thinks the issues are just going to disappear after your deputies and jailers have beaten three people to death and sexually assaulted women in their homes are mistaken.

    The quote below epitomizes the "Good Old Boy" era that is about to end:]

    "Nobody in Kern County gives a damn what New York thinks. They don't give a damn what Canada thinks," former Kern County Sheriff Carl Sparks said Friday. He asserted that county residents are used to withstanding far-flung criticism of their air quality, heat and conservatism.​

    [Deputy Dog Sparks was Kern County Sheriff from 1991 to 2003. It's a safe bet that he did much to train and mentor the current ineffectual occupant of the same office, and the results are pathetically obvious.]
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    On more point in regard to this part of the editorial:

    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

    The county supervisors control the sheriff's purse strings and are empowered to pass ordinances governing the conduct of county employees. They can't directly manage the sheriff's office, but they can budget for the purchase of body cameras and mandate their use by ordinance.

    If everyone just throws up his or her arms & shrugs & looks dumb as Donny, nothing will improve.

    At this point Donny's rogues have been responsible for five questionable deaths, including three fatal beatdowns. How many people will die needlessly before the situation is finally brought under control?
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    My little brother was shot and left to bleed out two months after David Silva’s death. My little brother died May 16, 2013 and they declared it a justifiable homicide. Do you know how they declared it that?? By telling my mother that they looked at pictures from the crime scene. My brother was unarmed and the story that they spun was so unbelievable it was ridiculous. My brother didn’t have the greatest rap sheet but at least he was clean when he died. He just went to a girls house to visit her and ended up in a confrontation with her cousin who tried to kick him out and who was also a very large large man so my brother defended himself and grabbed a knife to get the guy off of him. The man ended up going outside and sitting on the porch. I wish my brother had just left after that but he didn’t because he did nothing wrong. I miss him terribly. I know one of the sheriff very well and when I talked to him one day he tried to tell me he was out of state when it happened. I know damn well he was in state and in his office because my mother called every day and would talk to him. I grew up with that person and I hope the guilt eats him alive but I doubt it. You would have to have a soul and he’s a ginger. I would love to get justice for my brother but you know how that goes. I spoke with the lady that rented the place where my brother was murdered and I got the complete story of what happened. But you know how it goes because when it comes down to it who are you going to believe in a court of law? I know the person who killed my brother and I know that they still work there. I just hope he is at least is remorseful. My brother had three beautiful children who loved him and we’re just babies when he died. Nobodies perfect. But he was perfect to me. He was my best friend. I forgive that officer but only because my God tells me too and I know my brother would want me to. And I forgive for myself because I can’t live with that on my conscience. It was hard at first but I would rather think of my brother and all the fun and silly times we had together growing up and as adults and raising our kids around each other and spending time together as a family. I miss hearing him sing. Like I said he wasn’t a saint but the year before he was killed he was in jail but while he was in there he baptize three people. He struggled in life. Not that it’s an excuse but he did the best he could. And he loved his God. And God loved him. I just wish he had given me more time with him. It’s so wrong on every level how they lied about his murder and cover-up of it. He was only 33. He was trying to get his life in order. But somebody took that chance away. All my little brother did that day was go to visit a girl that he knew. I find myself at his crypt A lot around the time of his death and his birthday and I just sit there and I cry. He was so talented and smart. I just wish he had gotten the chance to prove himself in this life. In two weeks and four days it will be eight years that I’ve been without my best friend. It doesn’t get easier. I just don’t cry every single day. I miss him. I miss him a lot. He’s missing out on his kids and he’s missing out on my kids and my grandkids. He loved my kids so much. He was the best uncle. When I asked why he didn’t leave after he got into an altercation with that guy that lived there, the lady told me, “he did nothing wrong, he was defending himself because my cousin was attacking him“. So basically my brother grabbed a knife to get this extremely large man off of him. In the end the wrong person was punished. RIP Little brother I miss you Keggy. Love sis

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