2013/07/21: The Latest on the In-Custody Death of David Sal Silva

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    The Latest on the In-Custody Death of David Sal Silva

    July 21 2013

    Almost three months have passed since the in-custody death of David Sal Silva in Bakersfield occurred, and key questions still remain about how Silva died and whether deputies from the Kern County Sheriff’s office were responsible for it.

    In one article, there was mention that “three high-profile lawsuits” are “expected to be filed this month.” ... Neither attorney has been provided access to investigative reports from the sheriff’s office or the CHP. Will those reports square with witnesses who said Silva’s wrists were bound to his legs? If so, was Silva face-down for a period of time? If Silva was not bound wrist to legs, exactly how was he restrained? Was his breathing compromised by the weight of deputies pressing on his back? Was Silva so sick with heart problems he likely would have died anyway, absent the struggle with nine peace officers?"


    A second article raised issues about inconsistencies in the coroner’s report, which was produced by the office of Coroner Donny Youngblood, also the Kern County Sheriff. One inconsistency has to do with whether Silva was hobbled or not, while the other one had to do with when were the leg restraints removed from Silva–at the scene of the arrest or at the hospital ... "If all restraints were removed at the scene, as the coroner’s report indicated, why were they at the foot of Silva’s hospital bed following his death?"


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