Kern County Sheriff's Deputy David Keith Rogers on death row for multiple murders

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    The case is a bit old but it seems to set the tone for the present. Having serial killers around is old hat for the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

    Murderpedia: David Keith ROGERS

    Classification: Murderer
    Characteristics: Sheriff's deputy who shot prostitutes
    Number of victims: 2
    Date of murders: February 21, 1986 / February 8, 1987
    Date of arrest: February 13, 1987
    Date of birth: 1947
    Victims profile: Jeanine Benintende, 21 / Tracy Clark, 15 (pregnant)
    Method of murder: Shooting
    Location: Kern County, California, USA

    Status: Sentenced to death in 1987


    Convicted on one count each of second-degree murder (Benintende) and first-degree (Clark), Rogers was sentenced to die on the latter charge.

    David Keith Rogers was also a suspect in the disappearance and possible murder of a third prostitute who was never found.

    His death sentence was confirmed unanimously by the California Supreme Court in 2006. He is still awaiting execution. From California's Condemned Inmate List:

    condemned inmate list 1.png
    condemned inmate list 2.png
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