Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Jeffrey Kelly, serial killer

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    Possibly residing at 506 Gandola Drive Bakersfield, CA
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    Deputy Jeffrey Kelly has now achieved Kern County's exalted serial killer status:

    Christopher McDaniel shot by deputies in Oildale after chase

    April 2 2014

    Christopher McDaniel, 41, was shot and killed by deputies after they chased him through the streets of Oildale. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Wednesday two veteran sheriff deputies both fired three rounds from their handguns that shot and killed McDaniel on March 26, 2014 ... Both Warmerdam and Kelly then fired three rounds each from their handguns at McDaniel, causing McDaniel to drop his gun and fall to the ground, Whorf said.

    No doubt the shooting was followed by one of Kern County's classic self-exonerating investigations, accompanied by a report from Donny's very own coroner.
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    Jeffrey Kelly was the first responding officer in David's killing. There is nothing that can be found about this officer online. Resources close to me show that this officer acted as cowardly as in David's death as well as killing a local Bakersfield man named Christopher Mcdaniel. Is there a way we can get more information on Jeffrey Kelly?

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