Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Greer, serial killer

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    Ryan Greer is a serial thumper -- the death of David Sal Silva was at least his second fatal beatdown.

    Bakersfield Californian: Family wins $4.5 million in wrongful death suit against county (Nov 8 2012)

    Family wins $4.5 million in wrongful death suit against county

    BY REBECCA KHEEL Californian staff writer

    The family of a Rosamond man who they contend was beaten to death by four Kern County Sheriff's deputies in 2010 was awarded $4.5 million in its civil lawsuit against the deputies, the sheriff's department and the County of Kern.
    A jury found Tuesday that the defendants acted negligently, causing the death of Jose Lucero and serious emotional distress to his parents, Florencio and Lilia, who witnessed the confrontation.

    But the county's lawyer contends the use of force was justified and the deputies tried to stop the parents from seeing the incident. The county is considering an appeal.
    The deputies, Daniel Willis, Ryan Greer, Angelos Gonzalez and Jonathan Juden, are still employed with the sheriff's department, which referred calls to county counsel. The deputies did not face criminal charges in the death.
    On Dec. 18, 2010, sheriff's deputies went to Lucero's home because he had been repeatedly making calls to 911, saying that a friend in Lancaster was being assaulted and murdered, said Los Angeles attorney Michael Curls, who represented the Luceros.
    Lucero had mental health issues and was a recovering drug addict, Curls said. Prior to that day, he had been recovering well, Curls said. But, during Lucero's autopsy, the coroner's officer found methamphetamine in his system.
    Lucero's official cause of death was cardiac arrest following police restraint in association with methamphetamine intoxication, the coroner's office reported in March 2011.
    Law enforcement was justified in going to Lucero's house after the repeated and delusional 911 calls, Curls said. But after they arrived, the deputies' conduct quickly became unreasonable, he added.
    "It was well established by law enforcement that he was having a mental health episode and should have been dealt with as a medical emergency," Curls said.
    That Lucero was also on meth does not matter, Curls said. Whether the episode was a result of prior mental health issues or drugs, he should have been dealt with the same way, Curls said.
    The confrontation started with three deputies against Lucero, but a fourth arrived later. The deputies shocked Lucero with a Taser about 29 times, Curls said. The situation was also exacerbated when one of the deputies used pepper spray in the closed environment of the home, causing the deputies to suffer the pepper spray's symptoms, as well.
    The incident lasted about six minutes.
    To make matters worse, Curls said, Lucero's parents were in the room, watching the entire episode unfold.
    "I can't imagine a situation more painful that watching your son get beaten to death right before your eyes two weeks before Christmas and have to live in the same home for years after," Curls said.
    But the parents were repeatedly told to leave the home and kept coming back to see what was happening, said Chief Deputy County Counsel Mark Nations. That makes them at least partially responsible for any emotional distress, he said.

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    $4.5 Million Judgment to Family of Man Beaten to Death by Kern County Police
    By sschaben
    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — This week a family of a man who was beaten to death by four Kern County Sheriff’s deputies was awarded a $4.5 million judgment in court for his wrongful death, according to a report by the Bakersfield Californian.
    The jury held that the defendants – Kern County Sheriff’s deputies Daniel Willis, Ryan Greer, Angelos Gonzalez and Jonathan Juden – were negligent when they caused the death of Jose Lucero. The deputies and county were also held responsible for the “serious emotional distress” suffered by his parents, Florencio and Lilia, as they saw the incident take place in their home.
    Two weeks before Christmas in 2010, Jose Lucero died after police came to his home and attempted to restrain him as his parents stood watch, the report said. Lucero, a recovering drug addict, resisted arrest and the Kern County jury found that police used excessive force causing him to have a heart attack and die. Lucero was using methamphetamine at the time and his family told authorities he also had mental health issues.
    On the night of his death, Lucero made repeated 911 calls while he was in a delusional state, the report said. Police came to the home and attempted to subdue Lucero with a Taser gun. Lucero was allegedly shot 29 times. Police also used pepper spray inside the home. Six minutes after their arrival, Lucero died of cardiac arrest.
    The family claimed the police officers used excessive force on their son and that watching the incident caused them emotional distress. However, Chief Deputy County Counsel Mark Nations told the Bakersfield Californian that the parents were asked to leave the room, but kept coming back in during the attack to watch the police attempting to subdue their son.
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    Dep. Ryan Frank Greer
    Possible address -> 401 Cockney Court, Bakersfield, CA 93312 [<--- owner info for this address does NOT appear to match]
    Possible phone # -> (661) 588-3387, (661) 393-3975

    Another address for Ryan Greer, courtesy of Cop Block:

    Spouse: Tarrah T Greer at
    6901 Hooper Ave, Bakersfield, California 93308
    (661) 391 3175
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    6901 Hooper Avenue​
    It's on a corner lot, actually facing Jordan Street. Once you realize that & zoom in from the right angle, the Kern County squad car in front is a dead giveaway.​
    Which begs the question, why is he driving a county vehicle home?​
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    Tarrah is married to Ryan's brother, I believe.

    I went to school with this fucking lowlife. He was a bully then and it looks like he's worse now. Karma's a bitch.

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    Any yearbook pictures you can provide? :D

    Tarrah Greer appears to be married to Jerrit Greer, a CHP officer who was involved in the questionable arrest of NFL linebacker Joey Porter in 2010.

    Jerrit Greer himself reportedly was arrested in October 2009 for DUI by a Bakersfield PD officer, a link on that:
    Jerrit Greer blew a .10 & .11, both over the legal limit. Jerritt's DUI case was still pending when he arrested Joey Porter. Apparently CHP just puts their drunks back on the highway to hunt other drunks while their own DUI's are pending. :eek:

    A few days after Joey Porter's arrest for DUI & "resisting arrest", prosecutors declined to prosecute Joey:

    Deputy D.A. Mark Pafford told KGET-TV that officials say there was insufficient evidence to convince a jury that Porter was driving under the influence at the time of his arrest.
    Porter's lawyer, Daniel Rodriguez, said on Tuesday that Porter's blood alcohol may not have been above the legal limit of .08. He told the Bakersfield Californian that Porter blew .07 and .08 on the test, which had a margin of error of 0.2.
    Pafford told KGET that officers didn't see Porter driving erratically. He was approached by officers after he had already pulled his car up behind a friend of his whom police had first pulled over.

    Bottom line: He wasn't drunk, and they had no probable cause or reasonable suspicion to detain/arrest him in the first place.

    Interesting little diversion we've had thanks to CopBlock naming the wrong spouse for Ryan Greer. :)
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    The story gets better ...

    Bakersfield Californian: Porter's lawyer disputes arrest (Mar 29 2010)

    An attorney for NFL linebacker Joey Porter, who was arrested early Saturday on misdemeanor charges of drunken driving and battery on a peace officer, expects his client to be cleared on all charges, even though Porter took a breath test that was at or near the legal limit.
    "What he's accused of in this case is untrue," attorney Daniel Rodriguez said.
    The attorney said he will investigate reports that the California Highway Patrol officer who arrested Porter "may have a history of being overly aggressive."
    CHP Sgt. Larry McGuire replied, "We have no reason to doubt our officer's report."
    Two twists also came to light Monday: The officer who arrested Porter has a pending drunken driving case of his own, and the first man stopped by officers -- who Porter followed into a parking lot that led to his arrest -- got off scot-free.

    Note what I put in bold red: According to attorney Daniel Rodriguez, Jerrit Greer "may have a history of being overly aggressive."

    In the current David Sal Silva beatdown saga, Daniel Rodriguez is representing the people whose home was invaded w/o warrants & whose cell phones were taken, after they had photographed a fatal beatdown involving Ryan Greer, who was already the object of a $4.5M judgment for another fatal beatdown three years earlier.

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